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Southern California Therapy opened on Larchmont Blvd in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles in 2013. A second office specializing in anxiety relief and relationship support opened in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia in 2015.

Dimitry Granovsky LMFT RCC

Marriage and Family Therapist - MFC103025

Registered Clinical Counselor - BC12104

UCLA class of 2000

Pepperdine class of 2007

Dimitry Granovky MFT RCC

Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Addiction and Couples Therapy. Treating mental, emotional and relationship issues related to Covid-19.


Individual therapy is an exploration of experiences and patterns of behavior, feelings or thoughts that have been the source of concern and distress. While it is often challenging to journey on these paths, when done in a familiar and safe therapeutic relationship, it can result in closer, more fulfilling relationships, a greater sense of emotional well-being and increased self-esteem.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy does not assign blame. It is a time to explore the unique relationship dynamics and rituals you and your partner engage in. Therapy focuses on developing new cycles and methods of engaging with our loved ones. Relationships are explored in order to achieve greater understanding of one another and promote increased intimacy. Couples therapy focuses on disarming reactive defenses and exposing unstable dynamics between individuals, while developing tools to deepen bonds.

*Now offering divorce counseling and mediation*

Family Therapy

Family Therapy recognizes that no one is to blame. We explore the family’s strengths and resilience as a resource, with which we model and develop new interactions. This aids in dislodging the family from its currently stuck position. Family therapy serves as a forum to address the unique challenges and concerns of your family.

Anger Management
Perinatal Psychotherapy
Eating Disorders

Anger Management acknowledges that anger serves an important purpose. It has protected us and allowed others to possibly hear us. It is our defense and shield. However, as much protection as it has given us, anger has also hurt us and our relationships. In anger management we honor the role anger has served and find new ways to meet the needs we have. By acknowledging the triggers and emotional wounds surrounding them, we are able to communicate what we are looking for to others. Anger management sessions incorporate cognitve behavioral techniques, family therapy and contemplative psychotherapy.

Perinatal Psychotherapy focuses on the highs and lows of the childbearing years.  This is a time in our lives when we choose consciously or unconsciously to make a huge transition.  In session we look to further nurture yourself and the family you may wish to create.  We understand with this transition comes an endless source of joy and challenges, for many.  For others the level of distress is conflicting with the social and familial expectation of joy and excitement.  Many parents find themselves living under a shadowy veil, hiding their true emotions.  Our practitioners look to nurture a freedom of expression and honesty, so you can slowly and consciously feel balance again.  

Eating Disorders serve an important role while we cope with external and/or internal challenges.  Our clients are greeted with compassion and understanding for the struggles associated with their eating disorder and the journey that led them to this point.  Our specialists provide a supportive and nurturing space where people can practice new behaviors and learn new ways to relate to themselves and others.